Why I watch wrestling…

I grew up 2 hours south of Atlanta and I remember watching WCW on WTBS with my great-grandfather as a small child.  I had a WWF coloring book.  I was hooked.  As I got older and focused on school and extra curricular activities, I moved away from watching wrestling.  In high school, I started riding the bus.  I have always been a tom boy and found myself hanging out with the neighborhood boys.  All they ever talked about was wrestling.  So, to my mother’s dismay, her little girl renewed her love of wrestling right in the middle of the Monday Night Wars.  I was a Bret Hart girl.  Again, as I started college, other things became more important.  I’d occasionally watch if there was nothing else on.

So how did a fairweather fan end up with a twitter dedicated to wrestling and a blog?  Well, I was watching wrestling with my mister one night when there was nothing else on and I got sucked in.  I started watching WWE every night it was on.  If I missed it, I watched the replays on hulu.  I went to sports bars and watched the ppvs.  I bought a CM Punk shirt.  I began researching the list of Superstars on the WWE app and finding out their family history and what wrestlers from the past they were related to.  (Side note:  I have a history degree.  I’m kind of a nerd that way.)  I wanted to talk about wrestling, but none of my friends watched it and my mister tolerated it.  I needed an outlet.  I was living in Nashville and I was watching my friend Heidi network through the music industry using twitter and facebook.  She used her website to highlight her favorite indy artists (www.radioprincess.com).  After seeing her book a  major venue on Music Row to showcase her stable of artists, it was clear that I needed to start blogging and tweeting to get my voice heard.  So here I am.

Follow me @prowrestlegirl.  I live tweet during Raw, SmackDown, and NXT.  I blog/tweet reactions to TNA the Saturday after it airs.  I also live tweet during WWE PPVs.  Blog updates will be posted on twitter.

I don’t expect everyone to agree with what I have to say, but I do expect you to be civil and constructive in your retorts.  I will not tolerate belittling and disrespect.  I will block you and put you in a sharpshooter.

I hope you all have a great week and I’ll see you on twitter.